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healing for ALL relationships.

I meet people everyday that are on a journey to heal their relationships. All too often, I encounter people in relationship that have been told by others that the unique and beautiful ways that they express their love, sexuality, and identity are somehow inherently dysfunctional and that healing is not a possibility for them unless they change these immutable aspects of themselves.

Therapists are first and foremost people, informed by their values and beliefs, and subject to the same biases and errors in thinking that everyone else is subject to. When it comes to the expressions of sexuality and relationship that the dominant culture views as other, there are many myths and misconceptions that exist, and these lead to obstacles for people seeking healing. For example, some people are met with the belief that their exploration of consensual non-monogamy, is in and of itself dysfunctional, akin to a form of sexual addiction, and reduced to being seen as a maladaptive behavior that must be stopped before any relationship work can take place. This can't be further from the truth. Polyamory and consensual non-monogamy are beautiful and healthy expressions of love, relationship, and sexuality, and not an impediment to doing couples* therapy (*or more).

As a relational psychotherapist, I believe strongly that I’m charged with the task of breaking down the barriers to healing, not putting more in your way. You deserve to be seen, as you are, and I’d be honored to walk beside you on your journey toward relational wholeness, in whatever ways you’re called to express it.

I consider myself a proud, poly-affirming, and kink-affirming, relational therapist. Serving all people and relationships, regardless of sexual or affectional orientation, or gender identity or expression.



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