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Skeetz Edinger


Thank you for taking the time to consider working with me. I understand that the decision to seek therapy is not one that someone typically arrives at easily. Often this decision comes after an extended period of conflict and suffering in one’s life. Your decision to reach out is not something that I take lightly and I applaud you for your courage in doing so.

I strongly believe that every individual is the expert in their own life. Each individual is endowed with their own unique strengths, gifts, and talents. Often, in our suffering, we can lose touch with these gifts and expertise. We can forget who we are. Above all, I feel that my most important task is to help you get back in touch with this sense of yourself and who you are meant to be. I believe the first real steps toward healing involve you reconnecting (or perhaps connecting for the first time) with your own strengths and gifts.

I have extensive training in working with relationships, couples, families, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Feel free to contact me for a phone consultation to help you determine if I’d be the right fit for you.

Again, thank you for reaching out. Please check back regularly as this site is updated often.

Iyabo Akinadewo

My background in psychology, MFT, and expressive arts has prepared me to provide evidence-based therapy to all individuals, couples, and families regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, or ethnicity. I have worked in NYC for several years as a Behavioral Therapist, Art Therapist, and a Group Therapist with Adults, Children, and Families in various government and private organizations. My goal for my potential clients is to help them find their passion and to maximize their fullest potential.  I believe that our belief system, cultural values, health-related values, family of origin can impact the way we view ourselves and our community. With the use of systemic and relational therapies, I would like to help you and your family explore their interpersonal relationships and/or goals for the future.  I offer free consultations to all potential clients and work virtually.  I work either sliding scale or pro bono for individuals, families, and couples. As a doctoral intern, I work under licensure and clinical supervision of D. Skeetz Edinger, MS, LMFT-S (he/they).  

Emilie Mellal

Emilie Mellal (she/her) is a pre-licensed marriage and family therapist intern at Capella University. She is proud to be working under licensure and clinical supervision of D. Skeetz Edinger, MS, LMFT-S (he/they), knowing that the foundation of her therapy experience will be guided in a collaborative and equitable manner. Our shared values of inclusivity, social deconstructionism, and evidence-based theory are integral aspects of our practice and her work with clients. 

Her experience with blended family and the ongoing intentional self-work it has taken for us to thrive was her inspiration into this collaborative calling. She believes that people are significantly influenced by the context of their environment. Examining individual, couple or family goals in a collaborative and client-centered approach can help with: improving relationships, influencing behavioral concerns, and setting/ reaching personal goals. She would like to provide you with a safe environment to explore yourself and reach higher levels of potential. She provides a free consultation to all clients and works virtually with flexible and convenient hours.  She will work  on a sliding scale for individuals, families, and couples.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams (they/she) is the Administrative Assistant for Skeetz Edinger Family Therapy. Born and raised in Salem, MA, Jennifer is passionate about the social and emotional well-being of their community, with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ youth, survivors of sexual assault, and the intersections of creativity and mental health.

Jennifer is an Adult Advisor at NAGLY, the North Shore Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth, where they work closely with this at-risk population by facilitating youth groups, creating and implementing interactive and educational programming, and acting as support within the NAGLY Center as needed.

Through their role at NAGLY, Jennifer is also a part of the BRB Team (Building Relationships Better) in partnership with the North Shore Rape Crisis Center. In this capacity they help to facilitate youth programming designed to help our LGBTQ+ Youth navigate the complexities of relationships (all kinds), set healthy boundaries for themselves, and learn both red flags and green flags to watch for.

In addition to this, the team offers trainings to mental health professionals seeking to better serve their LGBTQ+ clients. The trainings include an introduction to the LGBTQ+ "alphabet soup", as well as highlighting the particular challenges and needs of LGBTQ+ survivors.

Lastly, Jennifer offers workshops on how to navigate mental health and creativity. As a published author diagnosed with multiple mental health issues, Jennifer knows firsthand how difficult it can be to tap into creativity while struggling to manage self-care. After years spent "in the trenches", they realized they had an opportunity to help other writers and artists access their vital creative energies, even while feeling powerless and overwhelmed.

Jennifer can be reached at 

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