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Skeetz Edingerhe/they



MS Psychology, Our Lady of The Lake University


"Thank you for taking the time to consider working with me. I understand that the decision to seek therapy is not one that someone typically arrives at easily. Often this decision comes after an extended period of conflict and suffering in one’s life. Your decision to reach out is not something that I take lightly and I applaud you for your courage in doing so.

I strongly believe that every individual is the expert in their own life. Each individual is endowed with their own unique strengths, gifts, and talents. Often, in our suffering, we can lose touch with these gifts and expertise. We can forget who we are. Above all, I feel that my most important task is to help you get back in touch with this sense of yourself and who you are meant to be. I believe the first real steps toward healing involve you reconnecting (or perhaps connecting for the first time) with your own strengths and gifts.

I have extensive training in working with relationships, couples, families, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Feel free to contact me for a phone consultation to help you determine if I’d be the right fit for you.

Again, thank you for reaching out. Please check back regularly as this site is updated often."

Iyabo Akinadewo

MA Psychology, Chicago School Of Professional Psychology

Doctoral Student, National University


"I have a diverse background in therapeutic Art, cognitive behavior interventions, and group facilitation. These skills have helped me to have a well-rounded understanding of human behavior and the various modalities through which healing and growth can
occur. My experience as a therapeutic art specialist has helped me learn creative approaches to therapy, including using artistic expression as a means for clients to explore and communicate their emotions.

My academic background and work experience as a behavior intervention specialist provide the platform for developing skills in identifying and addressing challenging behaviors, and employing strategies tailored to each of my client’s needs. I also learned in
my professional career as a group facilitator how to provide my clients support in their personal or professional journeys, which in turn fosters a sense of community and mutual understanding between myself and my clients. These roles and educational
experiences have given me a rich tapestry of insights and techniques I utilize during each session and within my therapeutic practice.

My goal for my clients is to help them find their passion and maximize their full potential. My academic and educational background has prepared me to provide
evidence-based theories to support my work for all individuals, couples, and families regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, or ethnicity…

I want to help my clients explore their relationships and goals for the future through self-discovery, healing, and insight." 

MS Psychology, Capella University

Pre-Licensed MFT

"I like to establish up front that I am a safe person to correct, call-out, interrupt, disagree and argue with. It will not impact our therapeutic relationship. You are the expert of your own life.


My primary approach is Systemic with a strong Social Constructionist influence. Leaning on Narrative and Collaborative Dialogue, I invite the people I work with to consider the unique experiences that they bring to our conversations. Through an Emotionally Focused approach grounded in attachment theory, couples and individuals gain insight into, and transform their emotional reactions within a nurturing and secure setting.

My practice is: Queer/ Trans-affirming, Neurodiversity-affirming, Body positive, Fat positive, Sex positive, Kink-affirming, and Poly/Non-Monogamy-affirming. I work with individuals and relationships.

I work with all ages IF I am conjointly working with the whole system, otherwise I mainly work with adults."

"Ty" Tyleeshia Hamer she/her

Graduate Student, Capella University


"I am overjoyed to accompany you on your journey to healing and growth. I'm here to offer my unwavering support every step of the way. I am passionate about guiding clients towards becoming in tune with their emotional experiences and addressing life's challenges. I welcome all persons regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship status, etc. I advocate for the growth of persons within marginalized communities, including African Americans, women, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In my practice, I warmly welcome couples, families, and individuals facing life’s challenges. I want you to know: you are never the problem. As a systemic therapist, I believe in approaching therapy with an open mind, recognizing you as the true expert in your own life. Drawing from a blend of Collaborative, Emotionally Focused, Experiential, and Narrative Therapy, I create a judgment-free therapeutic environment where you feel heard, safe, and understood."

Maha Noor

Maha Noor is a masters level student working towards her degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Antioch University New England. She has completed foundational coursework toward this degree and is working towards accumulating clinical experience hours. While Maha Noor is a masters Intern, she shall be supervised by Supervisor and Therapist-Practice Owner, Skeetz Edinger, MS, LMFT-S.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams (they/them) is the Administrative Assistant for Skeetz Edinger Family Therapy. Born and raised in Salem, MA, Jennifer is passionate about the social and emotional well-being of their community, with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ youth, survivors of sexual assault, and the intersections of creativity and mental health.

Jennifer is an Adult Advisor at NAGLY, the North Shore Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth, where they work closely with this at-risk population by facilitating youth groups, creating and implementing interactive and educational programming, and acting as support within the NAGLY Center as needed.

Jennifer is currently serving as a Subcomitte Member on the RESPECTfully Campaign, in partnership with The Governor's Council to Address Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Human Trafficking. Through this important work, Jennifer is able to guide youth across the state of Massachusetts in creating and cultivating important messaging surrounding healthy relationships and boundaries. 

Lastly, Jennifer offers workshops on how to navigate mental health and creativity. As a published author diagnosed with multiple mental health issues, Jennifer knows firsthand how difficult it can be to tap into creativity while struggling to manage self-care. After years spent "in the trenches", they realized they had an opportunity to help other writers and artists access their vital creative energies, even while feeling powerless and overwhelmed.

Jennifer can be reached at 

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