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Couple, Family, and Individual Psychotherapy

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I have extensive training in working with couples, families, and individuals, from diverse backgrounds. Feel free to contact me for a phone consultation to help you determine if I’d be the right fit for you.

Again, thank you for reaching out.  Please check back regularly as this site is updated often.

Thank you for taking the time to consider working with me. I understand that the decision to seek therapy is not one that someone typically arrives at easily. Often this decision comes after an extended period of conflict and suffering in one’s life. Your decision to reach out is not something that I take lightly and I applaud you for your courage in doing so.

I strongly believe that every individual is the expert in their own life. Each individual is endowed with their own unique strengths, gifts, and talents. Often, in our suffering, we can lose touch with these gifts and expertise. We can forget who we are. Above all, I feel that my most important task is to help you get back in touch with this sense of yourself and who you are meant to be. I believe the first real steps toward healing involve you reconnecting (or perhaps connecting for the first time) with your own strengths and gifts.

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I have extensive training in relational therapy.  I cherish diversity, and I work with a wide array of relationships, couples, individuals, and families.  

Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions​

Concerns Around Sexual Orientation


Couples Therapy

Family Conflict

Family of Origin Issues​


Marital Therapy

Polyamory and Nonmonogamous Relationships

Premarital Counseling

Relationship Issues

Transgender Issues​

Montrose-Inner Loop &

The Woodlands


Collaborative Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Couple and Family Systems Therapy

Harm Reduction

Integral Psychotherapy

Relational Therapy

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In-home and technology assisted services available.

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